Angelina's Secret Nip-Tucks
Life & Style, August 21, 2013

Dr. Copeland comments on whether Angelina is embracing "cosmedicals"

When Angelina Jolie bravely had an elective double mastectomy in February, she became the poster girl for reconstructive breast implants. But that may not be all she’s had done: Experts believe the actress, 38, is embracing “cosmedicals” to wage war on wrinkles, too. “Her face looks softer,” notes NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Cope- land. “She may have had Botox and fillers and probably a skin-tightening treatment like laser or Thermage.” Dr. Jon Perlman, plastic surgeon for ABC’s Extreme Makeover (who, like Copeland, has not treated Angelina), notes that Angie’s eyes are less droopy and her hairline looks higher, suggesting a brow lift. “The ‘old’ Angelina had more character in her face,” he says.