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Product Testimonials

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J Smith Cameron #drcopelandskincare

SPF40 Lotion Mist, Pigment Formula and Ageless Underye Concealer

Thank you Dr. Copeland & @5thaveaesthetics for all the help & support. I recently had Mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma. Dr. Copeland stitched me back to normal. I have some great #DrMichelleCopelandSkinCare products for further healing. Of course, I have 2 of my SPF 40 lotion mists!! May is skin cancer awareness month. #skincancerawareness #skincancer #spf40 #skincare

Shampoo and Conditioner

I love these products and since my hair is thinning a bit, they really add body and helps my hair look thicker. I'm a 60 year old man and my hair hasn't looked this good since I was 18!

- Rick

Microdermabrasion Formula
I must say that your microdermabrasion product is wonderful!!!! I can't live without it!!!!!!
- Genevieve

I just wanted to tell you how terrific your new microdermabrasion formula is. I am a 22-year-old college student and don't like to shave everyday, but my face (like most men) gets grudgy. The microdermabrasion treatment makes my skin feel so clean and it has eliminated any breakouts. I use it, of course, in combination with your other products—cleanser, toner, and acne formulation and moisturizer.
- Robert, 22-year-old college student

Lip Protector
Finally a lip protector that addresses fine lines too! So excited that this product address the fine lines around the lips! Not many out there do sadly. This works really well. Thanks.
- Liz C.

Advanced Acne Formula
Terrific. I have rosacea and have tried everything. Then one of my friends told me about Dr Copeland's Advanced Acne Formula. It's fantastic. My rosacea has really cleared. My teenager daughter also tried Dr Copeland's Advanced Acne Formula and her skin looks so much better without the flaking of so many other acne products and it even helped reduce some of the acne scarring and discoloration. Thanks.
- jean

AHA Body Smoothing Lotion
Like this line! Hi! Just in case someone does read these, I thought I would say that this line is fabulous! I use this product more on my body than face but thats just me. Really love the Lip Protector as well.
- Sheila M.

Rewind Age-Defying Cream
Absolutely Fabulous. Your new anti-aging cream is fabulous. I started using it a few weeks ago on my face, hands, and chest and it is truly remarkable what a difference it has made. I just love the way it smells and feels. I called my best friend today and told her she must get this.
- 57-year-old movie producer

I have very sensitive skin and have great difficulty shaving because my face gets so red and irritated. I saw Dr. Copeland, and she recommended using the cleanser and aftershave toner and moisturizer twice a day. I can't believe what a difference those three steps made to my life. I can now shave without fear of getting red and irritated. Thank you so much, Dr. Copeland.
- John, New York City

I love the night serum. Everyone is telling me how good I look. It's fantastic!
- Lynne, 51-year-old New Yorker

Rewind Reparative Night Serum
The serum is great. The fine lines around the mouth are much less noticeable. My good female friend at dinner last week wanted to know if I was using Botox—and what else I was using. She said my cheeks and skin were glowing.
- 59-year-old college professor, Great Neck, New York

I just wanted to let you know that I use all of your skin products and love them all. I just knew that I could trust your line.
- Olga F

I absolutely love your products! I do an extensive amount of traveling and really appreciate the Jet Set collection, as it travels (and packs) well.
- Michelle M

I just bought more of your AHA body lotion, and signed up for the 60-day automatic shipment option. The stuff is fantastic.
- Janet, New York City

I recently ordered some of your Jet Set products, and I must say I will definitely be purchasing the large sizes... I love this skin-care line... I noticed such a difference in my skin after only one week of usage... This is absolutely hands down the best skin-care line I have ever used, and believe me I have tried so many over the years... My skin looks flawless and feels wonderful to the touch... I especially love your AHA cream, it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such a wonderful line of skin care. I can't wait to try the rewind eye cream, which I have heard so many wonderful things about...
Thanks again, and also thanks for making smaller sizes for those of us who want to try it....
- Janita F

Elbows are like a baby's bottom, no kidding. Your lotion is magic.
- 57-year-old magazine executive

So, this girl in my entry said, "Wow, your skin looks really good, what have you been using?" and I said, "Dr. Michelle Copeland's Skincare, of course!"
- 19-year-old college student

I watched her on Shop NBC for months and finally caved in and tried her kit. I have to say it is absolutely wonderful! The best skin care I have ever used, and I have tried many, many, many lines. For me I saw instant results. The cleanser is fabulous and does not leave a trace of makeup on your face. When you use the toner after the cleanser, there is no trace of makeup on the cotton ball. The change in the texture and tone of my skin was instant, and after only three days I could actually see a glow to my skin. As a matter of fact, someone commented to me after only three days that they thought my skin always looked nice, but what was I doing differently because my skin was absolutely glowing! After years of searching for "the perfect" skin-care line I can say that my search is over and I cannot imagine using anything else. Her product is pricey, but she has been putting the kits on at great savings and I am hoping she will continue with that. Also you only need a very small amount to cover your entire face. The other thing that just blows me away is that my skin stays "moist" and "plump" all day. When I go to wash my face at night my skin looks and feels just as it did when I first applied the products in the morning. When I purchased the kit I figured it would be another kit that went back before my 30 day trial was up as so many of them have, but not this line. Also I am 51 and only have some fine lines but the rewind products I swear make them almost invisible. I could go on and on but I love this line.
- 51-year-old

I have been using your products for a long time—people tell me I look great!
- 50-year-old travel executive

I have been using your skin-care products now for the past several months and what a difference. I couldn't go out of the house without makeup before I started your regimen. Now I hardly put makeup on. Everyone at work is complementing me on my skin. Even my daughter-in-law noticed.
- Eileen, 58 years old, New York City

I would like to tell all women who care about their appearance how wonderful Dr. Copeland's Skin Care products are! I am a patient of Dr. Copeland's who has been using her products for almost two years. I love the entire skin-care line, especially the reparative formula (Rewind Eye Formula). It has made quite a difference in the area around my eyes. I have tried many skin-care products, but this is the best!
- JC, clinical practice administrator

I have been following a regimen given to me by Dr. Copeland's office for rosacea. It is very simple and has helped the breakout and the redness on my forehead. The regimen consists of Daily Cleanser, Toner, Advanced Acne Formula, and Daily Moisturizer. I have tried prescription creams and everything else I have heard of and nothing worked for me. I am pleased with the results from the Dr. Copeland products.
- Jone S, Kansas City, Missouri

I want you to know how much I love your products. Almost immediately after starting your program I noticed my skin felt smoother and not so dry. I love taking the five minutes to go through the seven steps because it makes such a difference. I threw away all my other products. Thanks so much—your skin-care program is truly remarkable. I know I could also use some plastic surgery, but having my skin look better has made me feel better about myself.
- 63-year-old retired secretary and breast cancer survivor

Your lip protector is incredible. I always have such chapped lips and I have tried everything, but nothing helps. My Mom gave me your lip protector and what a difference—no more chapped, cracked lips. Thanks so much. I just had to let you know how happy I am.
- 20-year-old college student, Tampa, Florida

Your new anti-aging cream is fabulous. I started using it a few weeks ago on my face, hands, and chest and it is truly remarkable—what a difference it has made. I just love the way it smells and feels. I called my best friend today and told her she must get this.
- 57-year-old movie producer

I have used Dr. Copeland's products for about six months and just love them! What a remarkable difference! Compared to Dr. Perricone and Principal Advance, which I used for years, Dr. Copeland's has surpassed every expectation... Thanks again...
- KC

Love the sunless tanning lotion and have gotten lots of compliments on my tan!!!
- 57-year-old business executive

I went to my internist for a check-up this week and he commented on how good I looked. He said my skin looked radiant and asked what was I doing. I of course told him I am using Dr Michelle Copeland skin-care products.
- 61-year-old psychotherapist

I love your products. I really notice a difference in my skin since I've been using them. I like that they don't have a fragrance.
- 41-year-old legal assistant with acne

The Rewind Eye Formula is wonderful. It has made such a big difference around my eyes. I just love it.
- 38-year-old mother and dental hygienist

I love your daily moisturizer. I can't be without it for one day.
- MK, TV producer

I had to write to tell you how much I appreciate your products! I have used the travel sizes to just try the line, as well as the Rejuvenating Serum, and what a great difference! The samples were a great way to try the entire line without fearing the monetary risk. I'm glad I took the chance!

I am a licensed esthetician and well over 50 years old. I have tried Lab21's DNA line and many pricier versions. But your line not only makes the skin more radiant, but also the texture of the products is wonderful. I demand results, and so far your products are showing results!

I absolutely love your scrub. It smells delicious and works great!
- 50-year-old woman, Florida

Acne Formula
Your acne solution is working really well! It feels so nice going on and it hasn't dried me out! I've also noticed that it's getting my pores to clean themselves out.
- Lori H, 31-year-old public health researcher, New York City

Rewind Eye Formula
The reparative formula (Rewind Eye Formula) is terrific. I noticed my wrinkles disappearing almost immediately, and it just keeps on getting better and better as I continue to use it.
- Susan, business executive

Before using Dr. Copeland's products, I was ashamed to be seen in public because of the dark spots on my face. They seemed to be increasing with time. After using the Pigment Blocker, along with the Revitalizing Formula and SPF-40 sun block, most of the spots have disappeared or lightened significantly. I am very happy with the results. I will continue using the products.
- Maria O, 75 years old, Zoppola (Pordenone), Italy (60 km north of Venice)

I just started using the products a few days ago. I was surprised at how quickly they worked. I already see a big difference in my skin. It's smoother and softer.
- Elizabeth R, 49-year-old nurse practitioner, New York City

I love your products. I like that they have all the important anti-oxidants that I've been reading so much about. It really makes a difference.
- Barbara C, Tampa, Florida

As a nurse practitioner, my job can really take a toll on my skin. But Dr. Copeland's Skin Smoothing formulas and Daily Moisturizer are an enormous help. The moisturizer absorbs remarkably quickly and is completely non-greasy. My skin has never felt so smooth and supple, and the improvement in my hands is nothing short of miraculous.
- Marie H, APRN, Darien, Connecticut

I love trying out the latest and greatest in skin care—and I was looking for a potent acid that I could use that wouldn't irritate my skin now that summer is approaching. I've been using Dr. Copeland's Revitalizing Formula with Vitamins C & E on my face and neck for about three months, more as a preventative measure to avoid those fine lines around the eyes and mouth, but also to reveal healthier, younger looking skin after a brutal winter. I have really seen phenomenal improvement on both accounts! The overall texture of my face is smoother and healthier looking—my pores even appear smaller. It's really done the trick for restoring a glow to my skin without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin, which often happens with acids.
- Stephanie B, New York City

I am a 68-year-old dermatologist, and I can safely say these are the best products I have ever used.
- Denise R, M.D., Montclair, New Jersey

As a 22 year old, I've had a problem with acne scarring, so I started using Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care several weeks ago. My skin stopped breaking out. I really like the way my skin looks. The cleanser really makes a difference.
- Alyse D, Greenwich, Connecticut

Since I started using your skin-care program, people actually stop me and tell me how good my skin looks.
- Joann C, New York City

I am 26 years old and have fair skin. Very soon after I started using Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Products, I noticed that my skin was smoother and softer. The first thing my mom said to me after not seeing me for six weeks was that my skin looks so much better. She thought I looked younger. She didn't know that I was doing anything special to my skin. When I told her, she wants to start using Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care.
- Nicole W, upstate New York

Clay Mask
I really like this clay mask. It is not messy like some clay masks are and does not smell bad. I notice that my pores are getting smaller after using this one time a week. I do use this after using the Honey Scrub and have not turned red using both of these products together!!

My skin feels nice and soft after using these!!
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Clay Mask
My skin improves with each use of this mask. I have a noticeable improvement when it comes to breakouts. It minimizes pores and makes my skin feel incredibly clean. It tingles when applied to the face but it is a pleasant feeling. Using this after the Honey almond Scrub gives my face an even deeper clean feeling.
- StarBelly, Noblesville, Indiana

Honey Almond Scrub
I am so happy that I got to try this product! This is one of the few scrubs that does not make my face beet red! I use this one time a week to get all that dead skin off my face. That is all I need. I use a small amount after I clean my face and just massage away. This is making my skin so much clearer and smooth!

Dr. Michelle Copeland's items rock!! I love everything I have used!!
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Honey Almond Scrub
I love the Honey Almond Scrub! I use it twice a week, and the scrub gently removes any dry skin and it leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. I really like the almond scent and the texture of the scrub—it's not too harsh—and my skin feels so clean. Definitely a new favorite product!
- Chattio

Honey Almond Scrub
I am very happy with this product. Dr. Michelle Copeland's Honey Almond Scrub is a fabulous facial scrub. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin to use every day. I can see positive results in the tone and texture, as well as the moisture and balance in my skin. It has been effective in clearing up a breakout on my chin. This facial scrub is mild, a little goes a long way, and I did not have to scrub hard for it to be effective. It does not dry out my skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and clear.
- StarBelly, Noblesville, Indiana

Pigment Formula
This is the most amazing product that actually works on all the above! I apply to arms, hands, and face—I noticed a difference in about 5 days! Wish I could take a bath in it—spray in my hands and apply—I apply in the morning before my moisturizer, and in the evening!
- Gymchick

SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block
I like this so much I had to hide it, to keep away from visitors up at the lake—we go through TONS of sunscreen 'cause it seems like everyone forgets to bring theirs along!

This goes on like a spray-not greasy or sticky—I've had no burns! I can use it under my makeup as well—goes on great!
- Gymchick

Pigment Formula
I know that in the picture it doesn't look that big, but when you see this in person, I am sure you'll be impressed with the size. It's a generous 2 ounces. It's rare that any skin care treatment comes in 2-ounce containers. I have some sun damage on my face and neck, but what's really been bugging me is a scar from a massive breakout. I swear this was the size of Rhode Island. It was one of those blemishes that come in under the skin and are enormous. Knowing what I shouldn't do, I popped it and left my face with a scar. The scar has been there for a few months now, and it's in the middle of my cheek.

So I was grateful to say the least for the chance to try this pigment formula out. I decided that the best way for me to start using it was to spot-treat this area. I use it two times a day and apply it to freshly cleaned skin. It is a very light fluid, cream in color, which absorbs as it dries. So quick and foolproof. Another cool feature is that the application is a spray. It doesn't come out like a hairspray mist—it's more of a light stream. I like to apply it in my hands then spot-treat the area.
I felt that by treating only one specific area first it would make it easy to see the changes. I wish that I took a "before" picture. I am happy to report that after only 2 1/2 weeks I can see a difference. My scar looks lighter, the color is changing, and it seems like it's fading. Now that I am seeing this change, I really want to start using this over my entire face so all the bits of discoloration can be lightened. I didn't really notice a difference. Then, all of a sudden, the color is more fleshy than dark. I am UBER satisfied with the performance of this pigment formula, and will be using it till the bottle goes dry. Also, I have experienced no reactions. This lotion is very gentle. I do make sure I am slathered in sunscreen too. No point in trying to fade spots then go back outside and have 'em reappear in other areas. Highly recommended!!
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

Pigment Formula
I have lots of sunspots on my lower neck area. I have been using this constantly since I got it. I am happy to report that they are fading away!

I have used so many other products to get rid of those nasty spots, and this has been the best so far!

I spray this on that area two times a day. I love that it is a spray bottle and is easy to use. This absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. It also does not irritate my skin.

I am impressed with this and now will be trying to use it on some scars that I have. I recommend this nice big bottle!!
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Pigment Formula
I LOVE this product. Both because in a matter of 4 days it's faded some brown spots on the hands & up near the forehead by as much as 45% without ~any~ irritation.

What I love most is the great big bottle! Exceptional value and just one little pump's worth is enough to get rid of about 8-10 age spot or colored scarred areas no matter where they are on you. One bottle will last anyone a solid 6-12 months.

Easy application and it absorbs in under a minute too without leaving any residue behind.

I've been using morning (with no problems applying makeup afterwards) and at night after washing my face.
- DotDiva, Massachusetts

SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block
WOW!! Is all I can say, this is unlike any other sunscreen. I love that it is dispensed through a spray, it's easy to use and goes directly where I want it. It is also a very thin sunscreen so there is no clogging of the spray either. When it sprays out it's not a mist but a direct stream, it's totally lightweight and so easy to blend into my skin. Once it's on, it feels like a moisturizer nothing heavy on my skin. My skin doesn't feel like it's weighed down or heavy. I can't believe how light it goes one. It's portable so I can bring it with me wherever I am and I give a spray and I am good to go. Get this I can put it on and my hands (palms) don't feel greasy like they need to be washed. I haven't gotten any sunburns so it is working wonders protecting my bod to!! Highly recommended!! Love it!!
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block
This is a great sun block. I really like that it comes in a spray bottle. I can just spray it on my face and go! I find that I don't have to rub it in.

This has not broken me out and does not feel like I have a grease pit on my face! Works great a protecting me from getting a sunburn! I have been outside a lot lately and my face is sunburn free! This washes off good too.

Love it and will continue to use it!
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Dental Whitener
I am 7 days into this kit, I should have completed it a few days ago but my teeth are super sensitive so I can't wear the trays daily. This isn't the first kit nor the last that my teeth will be sensitive to. I am happy to report that using them every other day works for me, so if you too have sensitive teeth you CAN and should pick this kit up, it's been doing wonders from my lack luster pearlies! The trays are made of a pliable styrofoam material that easily fits into anyone's mouth, I found that for total comfort I snipped about 1/8 on an inch of both ends so the tray rested completely flat in my mouth, there was no leakage. The whitening gel is thick so it's not going anywhere except adhering to your enamel. I began to see a difference on day 2, there is a new brightness that wasn't there, my teeth have continued to get whiter by the application and I don't feel that skipping a day is making any difference at all. After the 7th treatment I can see a dramatic change, not only on the surfaces but interproximally also so you really look BRIGHT with no shadowing. I will rebuy this kit again. Also using this kit and having sensitive teeth, I have no more sensitivity that prior to using also. So that is GREAT!

Highest Recs!!
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

Dental Whitener
I have used other whiteners before (the paint on type) with no effects except sensitive teeth. I was a little scared to use this because I grind my teeth—which exposes the nerves. I was surprised to find that this kit didn't make my teeth sensitive at all! I'm on day 7 (I still have 3 days to go) and my teeth are 2 if not 3 shades lighter. I got my teeth cleaned before I started using this so I could really see if it whitened teeth that had already been taken care of. It did. I find it easy to use, it doesn't leave a taste in your mouth and it takes only 15 minutes a day. I will definitely buy this kit again!
- Indoors, New York, NY

Lip Enhancer
I was so surprised that upon application, I didn't feel the sting or burn that is usually associated with plumpers. This goes on smoothly and really works. I thought that if I wasn't in pain it wasn't working. I was totally wrong. I have fairly full lips but like the puffy pout with red lipstick. I found that after using this a couple days the biggest difference for me is the way my lipliner stays on my lips, I am experiencing less feathering and the lipstick is staying on and looks smooth. Also my lips do seem fuller or the lipstick is staying in place thus making the pout look much better. It's so dry in the winter and this is saving my lips from looking rough. I put this on after I brush my teeth do the doo then apply my lipstick over it. I haven't needed to go over the lipstick so once a day works for me. I am sure it'll last for a long time also..

Pain free plumping!! Love it!!
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

Lip Enhancer
This has to be the most amazing product I've ever used! The consistency is smooth, not sticky at all. I have tried a lot the lip enhancer's but Dr. Michelle Copeland's is the best so far. My lips looked amazing and I could see quite a difference . I also use this on the skin between my lips and nose and notice a nice difference there too. There was no pain when I applied this. I use this by itself and my lips look nice and glossy with a little color without the use of lipstick!
My highest recommendations to this Lip Enhancer!
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Lip Enhancer
I have been using this for a few days now. Like Judy says, there is no pain when it is applied. I have not used a lip enhancer yet because I was afraid of the pain, but after Judy told me there was no pain, I had to use it. I love the fact that this also reduces the appearance of fine lines around the lips. Yes, I am a smoker, and I can already see that the lines are starting to be less noticeable. My lips appear smoother, softer, and firmer. Love the fact that it has the sun protection too.

For best results I waited about five minutes before applying lipstick. My lips looked great and shiny.

Also my lips do not dry out from using the Lip Enhancer. This is a real bonus with me and anyone who tends to have dry lips.

I am very impressed with this lip enhancer, and thankful that I received it.
- Joan

Rewind Reparative Night Serum
This is amazing. You'll notice results so quickly. I am in love with this serum. I have a few lines on my face (forehead, smile lines and the beginning of crow's feet). I swear that upon my first application, the next morning I noticed the lines were softened and they keep seem to be getting better. Yes, after use, the day will bring them back to some degree, but they are not nearly what they were. This is really a miracle serum. My complexion is clear and bright. I have also noticed that some of the little scars from pimples are diminishing. Remember ladies, I will use a magnifying mirror to check my progress, so the proof here is in the serum. I also think that the texture of my face is better. I wasn't a roughneck to begin with, but this serum has made my face feel plump and youthful. This is a MUST for anyone who is feeling lack-luster. Not only am I giving this my highest recommendations, I am not sure I will be able to live without it, I love it that much! I can't wait to get a hold of more of Dr. Copeland's products!!

Also application is a breeze. One pump; apply all over the face. It has a tiny bit of a fragrance. It absorbs and almost feels like it dries to a shell on your face, but it absorbs into the skin. You don't feel tight or like you can't move.
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

Rewind Reparative Night Serum
I too have been using this for a few weeks. I am a 41-year-old with 41-year-old skin. I have seen such an improvement on my face. I have one line I my face that I am watching and it is not as noticeable anymore. Also, I have rosacea, and this has really helped my face is not so red anymore. My skin looks natural, soft and smooth. Oh and this little red line I had on my face is too less noticeable. This has been bugging me for a couple years now, so it is great that you can hardly see it now. My skin has this shine to it now too, not oily just a nice shine. I too use a magnifying mirror and can really see a difference in my face that no other brand has done. I have used them all, too. This is easy to use, like Cakedoo said one pump before bed and it goes on and sinks into the skin. Its not oily and not dry just perfect. Wake up to beautiful skin. The test proves itself. I give this way too many :-) and hope to try more of this great line soon. Go get yourself some of this serum definitely worth it and you will not be disappointed.
- Joan

Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer
I have been using this for a while now and I have to say, It's amazing! When I first saw it I thought it was going to be to strongly yellow-based. I am happy to report that although it looks like that in the tube, it goes on and disappears into my skin and matches very well. I have the light color. I am fair-skinned, and it's a great match for me. I firmly believe that Copeland's approach to skin care is no-nonsense, direct, and effective. I have found that at the end of the day, the concealer holds up really well; it doesn't ride in the lines. I think that is very important. Some concealers can be dry and make you look older. This concealer is creamy and absorbs quickly, leaving behind a nice dewy look. I finish with a veil powder and am ready to go. The tube has an applicator brush much like a lip gloss. I find that a couple dabs and then blending with a separate concealer brush is the way to go for me. I love this concealer and have raved to many of my friends about it. For the price, it'll surely last quite a long time. If you are at the age where you are starting to see some aging, I would definitely look into this line, you won't be sorry!! Great product!
- cakedoo, New Hampshire

Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer
I gave the Ageless Foundation and Concealer a try and loved them both. The concealer comes in a tube with a wand applicator.  It is creamy in texture, as a good under eye concealer should be and contains the Rewind Eye Formula. I'm a big fan of double duty products!
- Carleen

I got this in the Medium color. I thought it would be too dark for my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised it worked out great. I am suffering from an eye infection in my left eye. I have been playing with this product with my right eye. What a way to see the difference. As an under-eye Concealer this is awesome. I can really see the difference between the eyes when I use this on one eye. This sinks in great, and it does not sink into my fine lines under my eyes. It helps reduce the appearance of the lines.

It is not drying as it says it contains aloe. It keeps my under eye moist and makes it easy to use the foundation afterwards. There are not dry patches after I apply the foundation.

And the dark circles, wow. Left eye dark, right eye bright.

I can't wait till this infection is gone so I can completely use this product on both eyes. But it is nice to compare the difference with the eyes and actually see the difference.

I too love the applicator and it makes the product easy to use. I go light on the dabs because it is a darker color and I have light skin. So a couple little dabs work out great.
- Joan

Daily Moisturizer with SPF-20
Silky smooth. I love this moisturizer. It makes my skin so smooth without smelling it up with fragrance. It's the best I have ever used. Highly recommend.
- Sarah

Loved it. Talk about smooth without being greasy and pore clogging. This is terrific and when I use it with the hydrating mist my skin is fabulous. And I love that there is no fragrance and that Dr Copeland's products are not tested on animals.
- rose

Ageless Skin Foundation
The foundation is wonderful. The makeup covers fairly well and has a nice moisturizing feel to it. I found that it looked very nice and did not settle into lines and wrinkles. Best of all it contains a bunch of anti-aging ingredients.
- Carleen

This is a fabulous makeup. Read all the ingredients in it and you will see how great it is for your skin. I wear tan and have olive skin tone with yellow undertones. It is not too dark for me. It is not too heavy, but covers. Just try it!!!
- Catherine Ostmeyer

I ordered this makeup for the first time Christmas and I love it. It doesn't feel like makeup but has great coverage.

- Diane McCoy

I love your foundation. It provides such great coverage without being heavy. How do you do that? And it's terrific that you have your fabulous Rewind in it. My skin has never looked better.
- A customer

Body Moisturizing Lotion
Wonderful. This is great for all over body moisturizing. It's not greasy and it's fragrance free which I love. It makes your legs feel silky smooth.
- Karen

Silky. I love this product. I use it with the skin smoothing lotion and the bumps on my arms have disappeared. Even my boyfriend noticed how smooth and silky my skin is. That's important—right!
- Jill

Bath/Shower Gelee
This is the best kept secret. I just love this bath gel—luxurious, relaxing and exfoliating. Can't be without it—it doesn't dry out your skin like so bath gels and the green tea and aromatherapy are marvelous—try it you'll love it.
- cindy

Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense
I am using it every day and love that it works to fill in those annoying little forehead lines. I'm on the fence about getting day I think I'm ready, then the next I tell myself to keep up the good fight! In the meantime, Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense buys a little more time.
- Nancy

I have been using this product for a week now and I absolutely love it. It works better than other products I have tried and believe me I have tried the majority of them. If you apply it as directed, it does not flake. Like all skincare products for best results you let it absorb before applying makeup. Go get your cup of coffee or go check your emails and then do your makeup. I can't wait to see the cumulative effects in 7 more weeks! I won't be without this product and I know many of you will love it too!
- PickyShopper, Indiana

The Rewind Wrinkle Defense Serum is extraordinary. Of course I use all your products and my skin is looking very good, but after only a few weeks  of adding the Wrinkle Defense to my regimen I am so pleasantly surprised at the difference it has made.  People think I have been on vacation, my skin is so relaxed and smooth.
- 50-year-old Musician

Bath/Shower Gelee
I bought the last 7 bottles of the shower gelee from ShopNBC a few months ago and have not seen it back as an individual item. I desperately need this item. How soon can we see it back by itself and not included with other items at ShopNBC?

Also, please send a phone number where I can purchase the shower gelee. I swear by it and all your other products! Thank you.
- ShopNBC customer

AHA Face Cream
Hello, I tried a sample of your AHA face cream and after only two days, my skin feels nicer.
- A customer