Review of Dr. Copeland's Lip Protector
Style Apothecary, September 14, 2009

This is so light, you feel like you have nothing on your lips.

Dr. Michelle Copeland Lip Protector $18.00 by Dr. Michelle Copeland at Skin Store

Contains a unique blend of powerful antioxidants and moisturizers. Prevents cracking and dryness while also protecting from harsh ultraviolet rays with SPF 15. Repeated use provides soft and moist lips. Unique

cakedoo1 says... WOW... This is so light, you feel like you have nothing on your lips.  Lip Protector is not like a chapstick that makes my lips feel waxy and stiff.   It glides on and seals in moisture.  No lines on my lips from being puckered up and dry.  It's amazing!  I can wear alone or with other lippies.  I like to wear with a nude liner too; it's quick and easy.  It gives me a little color and I get some sheen from the Lip Protector!  It's really lovely.  I also slather on in the evening to awake to baby soft lips!  I can't tell you how soothing this is and the fact that its got an SPF 15 is perfect.  I wear daily-  no matter what.  I don't go in the sun but I do drive a lot.   Let me tell you -  something being in the car is like being under a microscope.  The sun catches me at every angle.  This is another great product from Dr. Copeland that delivers quick results!