Snag Fuller, Thicker, Stunning Strands
Shecky's, August 10, 2009

Shecky's highly recommends Dr. Michelle Copeland's Rewind Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Thin is so not in—at least not in hair-land! If you're like us, you'd do anything to snag thicker locks, and that includes rubbing hot oil and avocado on our heads because we read it in some magazine. (Note: Kitchen foods in the hair result in plenty of gross, but not so much growth). Close to calling it quits, we were overjoyed when we stumbled upon Dr. Michelle Copland's brand new Rewind Revitalizing Shampoo ($110) and Conditioner ($69). Sure, the price is steep, but the results are ridiculous (in a good way)! Rich with vitamins and nutrients like copper, niacin and peptides, these hair care products make your tresses look visibly thicker in the short-term. Even better, botanical antioxidants restore and strengthen hair for the long haul. Now if only the "thin's not in" trend would extend to our figures, too...

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