The Years Ahead: Style: If Beauties Multiply, They'll Be Plain to See
The New York Times, December 28, 2003

Dr. Copeland reflects on the surgical future.

The aesthetically altered future would surely flummox Darwin. One New York surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, suggested that cosmetically altered couplings could create some surprises. Say a man with a big nose and receding chin has a nose job and a chin implant. With his new profile he manages to marry a beautiful woman, who, by the by, had already had her ears pinned back, her sleepy-looking eyes lifted and her thin lips augmented. Their child might well be a surprise package with the big nose, the Dumbo ears, receding chin, saggy lids and thin lips.

''Well, then the child will simply have to start doing all the things his or her parents did," Dr. Copeland said with a sigh. "I've already seen it happen."