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Help : FAQ

These are the most common questions we receive about Dr. Copeland and Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Products.

1. General Questions

2. About the Products

General Questions

Q: Who is Dr. Copeland?

Dr. Michelle Copeland is a cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon, internationally recognized for her pioneering techniques in facial rejuvenation and author of the books Change Your Looks, Change Your Life (HarperCollins, 2003) and The Beautiful Skin Workout (St. Martin's Press, 2007). She is the first woman plastic surgeon in the United States to have combined doctorate degrees from Harvard. She is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and has a successful New York plastic surgery practice. Dr. Copeland is dedicated to using her training and experience as a biochemist and physician to provide skin-care solutions that help us look younger, feel healthier, and live better. For more information about Dr. Copeland, click here.

Q: If I am in the NYC area, can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Copeland?

Absolutely. Please phone her office (212-452-2200) and the staff will arrange for a consultation appointment.

Q: Can Dr. Copeland recommend a plastic surgeon in my area?

Dr. Copeland does not provide referrals to other doctors but does suggest that you thoroughly check the credentials of any plastic surgeon. Dr. Copeland's book Change Your Looks, Change Your Life outlines the important questions to ask when choosing a plastic surgeon, as well as valuable information on plastic surgery procedures.

Q: Does Dr. Copeland's book cover her skin regimen?

Yes, there is an entire chapter of Dr. Copeland's book Change Your Looks, Change Your Life that addresses good skin care and Dr. Copeland's regimen. And Dr. Copeland's new book, The Beautiful Skin Workout, a guide to achieving healthy, Creamy skin in as little as eight weeks, is now available.

Q: How long has the company been in business?

Dr. Michelle Copeland has been practicing plastic surgery for more than 20 years. The skin-care line, Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care, was launched in 2003. The business name is Michelle Copeland Skin Care, Inc.

About the Products

Q: Is your product guaranteed?

We unconditionally guarantee your full satisfaction. Each Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care product comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will offer you a full and complete refund with proof of purchase. Call us toll free at 866-833-SKIN.

Q: Can I buy Dr. Copeland's products in retail stores?

Dr Copeland's products are available online, and select retail stores.

Q: Are all the ingredients natural?

Dr. Copeland uses only the finest ingredients available for her products. She hand selects each ingredient and tests the products herself. Whenever possible, Dr. Copeland uses natural ingredients in her products. The products do not contain any artificial fragrances, dyes, or perfumes.

Q: What if I have an allergic reaction to a product?

Products are allergy tested, so an allergic reaction is unusual, but if one occurs, discontinue use immediately. If symptoms persist, consult a physician. See above for a full refund.

Q: When will I see an effect?

This depends on the product. With some products, such as the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and AHA cream/lotions, you will notice an effect almost immediately, after only a few days. Other products, such as the pigment blocker, may take several weeks for a marked result to appear. All products have to be used consistently in order to receive optimal results. Please consult the directions on the back label for best results.

Q: How long should my full-size product last?

This depends on your usage, but in general each product should last approximately 2 months. Greater usage may result in the product lasting for less time.

Q: How long do the products in the Skin Essentials (Travel Kit) last?

Each product will last several weeks, if used as directed.

Q: Can I use Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care products if I am pregnant or nursing?

Yes, Dr. Copeland uses natural ingredients that should be safe during pregnancy and nursing. Consult your physician if desired.

Q: Are the products recommended for teenagers?

Yes, the products are effective in helping prevent acne formation during the teen years. Daily use of the Cleanser and Normalizing Toner and weekly use of the Clay Mask and Honey Almond Scrub keep the skin clean and pH-balanced, providing a healthy environment for the skin. The Advanced Acne Formula controls oil and sebum production and provides immediate results. The Pigment Formula erases acne scars and discolorations.

Q: I am already using several other products for skin care. Can I use Dr. Copeland's products in addition to my current products?

Dr. Copeland formulates her products using the finest and purest ingredients, with no artificial fragrances and no harsh ingredients. Your current products could be used with Dr. Copeland's products. However, you may find that using Dr. Copeland's products on their own provides the best results.