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About the Basic Regimen

The Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Basic Regimen provides you with everything the average person needs to keep skin healthy and looking great. If you don't currently practice a daily skin-care regimen, this is a great place to start.

Here's more information on each product in the line, why it's there, and what order to use it in.

1. Daily Cleanser
Refresh. Non-foaming Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Cleanser is made with mild, soothing aloe. It gently cleans your skin, leaving it silky smooth and fresh. With no harsh agents to clog pores or dry your skin, Daily Cleanser is safe to use around the eyes for makeup removal. The first step to healthy skin begins here.

2. Daily Normalizing Toner
Condition. Both Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Normalizing Toner for Women and Aftershave for Men restore the natural acid balance that firms your skin. The non-drying, fragrance-free formula eliminates bacteria, keeping the surface of the skin healthy.

3. AHA Face Cream
Rejuvenate. Loaded with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and lipoic acid, this luxurious Dr. Michelle Copeland AHA Face Cream helps reduce the appearance of tiny lines and wrinkles for healthy, glowing, youthful skin. Use after Daily Normalizing Toner.

4. Daily Moisturizer
Soften. Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Moisturizer promotes water absorption for naturally soft and supple skin. Contains powerful antioxidants, such as lipoic acid, plus Vitamins A and E, and does not clog pores. Use after AHA Face Cream.

5. SPF-40 Mist Lotion Sun Block
Protect. Dr. Michelle Copeland SPF-40 Mist Lotion Sun Block is the only high-SPF product in a spray-lotion mist. This gentle product blocks both UVA and UVB rays. PABA-free, with soothing aloe and cucumber to reduce inflammation, as well as zinc and antioxidants that repair the sun's damage to the skin. Great for travel, and safe for children.