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Brown Spots

Brown spots, age spots, and sun spots, also known as liver spots, can make people look older than they really are. These spots can appear on people younger than 40, but are more common in our 40s and up. While bothersome and unattractive to the recipient, they are generally harmless. 

So what should you do if you have brown spots? First, prevention! Keep your skin healthy and protected with a good sunscreen. Second, treat the spots. Age spots can be lightened or even removed with special in-office treatments. Dr. Copeland has also developed topical skin care products which you can use at home to help reduce the appearance of brown spots. 

Dr. Michelle Copeland, renowned New York plastic surgeon, recommends the following products specifically for the in-home treatment of brown, age and sun spots. Use exfoliators like AHA Body Smoothing Lotion or AHA Face Cream after cleansing and toning. Next, apply Pigment Fomula and then use moisturizers and sunscreens to hydrate and protect skin.