Knifestyles of the Rich & Famous: Amy Winehouse
Star Magazine, October 29, 2009

Did Amy Winehouse get breast implants? Star asked Dr. Michelle Copeland for her opinion.

Amy Winehouse is looking better than ever — and bigger too!

The singer’s all-around life makeover since ditching drugs included substantial breast implants.

“There is a fullness that did not exist before, and the round shape is consistent with getting implants,” NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland tells Star.

But Dr. Copeland thinks Amy, 26, should’ve just said no, no, no.

“The size and shape of the breasts is too much for her thin frame,” Dr. Copeland says.

Still, Amy’s dad, Mitch, is a fan. He told a British TV showshe’s been doing “Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well!”