Review of Dr. Copeland's Honey Almond Scrub
Style Apothecary, September 15, 2009

It's tough enough to really get deep down clean and exfoliate, yet gentle enough to not cause any irritation.

Dr. Michelle Copeland Honey Almond Scrub $38.00 by Dr. Michelle Copeland at Skin Store

This invigorating facial scrub with almond and honey gently removes dead cells and replenishes the skin with Vitamin C to enhance cell renewal. May be used every few days and before the Clay Mask application. Follow with the Daily Normalizing Toner.

cakedoo1 says... This is a great scrub.  It's tough enough to really get deep down clean and exfoliate, yet gentle enough to not cause any irritation.  I found the consistency to be like a mud mask; it's thick and really coats my skin.  I use about a quarters worth for my face and pull down onto my neck.  I apply on moist skin and go to work.  I scrub my entire facial area, there really isn't much need to put any elbow grease into it.  I just use gentle circular motions all over.  I have found that rinsing for me is much easier with a wash cloth.   It picks up all of the mask and helps remove quicker than splashing and rubbing.  When I am done my skin feels warm from the rubbing but my face look flushed and radiant.  I quickly pop on my serum to lock in the moisture.  I am telling you that using this twice a week is enough.  I can see the brightness in my cheeks, this is serious!  You need it!  I also want to mention that you get a BIG container for only $38. There are many more weeks of scrubs left for me to enjoy.   No nonsense, does what it says and the results speak for themselves!  Dr Copeland, you rock!

Mr. Traveler says.. Being a guy, I don't usually own up to my usage of facial scrubs. .I have to say that I enjoy using this product.  Some of the scrubs that I have used in the past make your face feel sandblasted!  Others that I have used feel like gravel being rolled across your skin during use.  Dr. Copeland’s Honey Almond Scrub smells natural and feels natural on your skin.  After scrubbing it washes off clean and doesn’t leave my face with that dry tightness like some of the others I “borrowed” from my wife’s side of the medicine cabinet :>) .  I have a strange suspicion that she’s going to hide this one!  I like it and I like the results; my skin feels fresh and clean.  I also like that it makes my skin feel soft.  I am a 5 o'clock shadow at 8 am guy so my face can feel rough and this is helping to make it smoother and look brighter!