Winter Skin Woes
Haute Market, October 12, 2008

Dr. Copeland discusses how to protect your skin in the winter.

Most women are no strangers to the reality and reaction of skin in the winter. Dry, cracked skin, flaking, not to mention the general redness and irritation of being outside for too long when the temperatures drop.

I asked what experts recommend and why the skin reacts this way to the cold weather. Dr. Michelle Copeland has her own fabulous skin care line and came back with some very helpful answers to my questions.

"Skin is not only a barrier, but also a way for the body to exchange oxygen and fluids with the environment in a process known as transpiration. If you are in a dry, cold climate, the integrity of this barrier can become compromised and lead to chapped, flaky skin. As skin dries, cells shrink and contract resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What would you recommend for a preventative treatment against these skin problems?

"A good moisturizer helps maintain fresh, youthful-looking skin throughout the winter months. I recommend my essential daily moisturizer. It contains lipoic acid, vitamins A & E —powerful antioxidants —for softer, smoother skin. This lightweight formula hydrates and moisturizes without clogging pores. This essential moisturizer optimizes the skin's natural moisture by promoting water absorption. Your skin will look and feel softer and suppler".

What if one already has these problems, what treatment/s or products would you recommend? Or what could be done to reverse it?

Dry skin can be successfully treated with the proper combination of moisturizers and topical creams so the good news is ordinary dry skin can become softer, smoother in just a few weeks. The first step is how you clean your skin. Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Cleanser gently cleanses without harsh foaming agents that clog the pores. Unlike soaps that can deplete your skin of the natural oils this cleanser rids your skin of dirt and bacteria without drying your skin. It’s gentle enough to use around delicate eye area but strong enough to remove make-up.

Next, it's important to gently exfoliate the skin while still maintaining hydration. This can be achieved by using my AHA face cream. This product contains alpha hydroxy acid that removes dead cells and making room for new cells to grow. This luxurious cream is recommended for daily use before you use the Daily Moisturizer.

Also remember that sunblock is important —even in the winter. This is especially necessary for skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Our SPF-40 formulas contain clear zinc oxide, natures best protectant against harmful ultraviolet rays.

A big "thank you" to Dr. Michelle Copeland for taking the time to educate us all and help keep our skin supple and smooth! I use the moisturizer with SPF20 every day!