Should You Believe the Hype?
In Style Magazine, Fall, August 1, 2008

Dr. Copeland's Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense is put to the test.

Should You Believe the Hype?
by Lori Bergamotto

The Product: Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense ($84)

The Promise: Made with 12 wrinkle-fighting ingredients—including GABA, an amino acid that smooths lines, and Matrixl, which supports the production of collagen—this serum will allegedly "reduce the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes while improving skin texture with continued use."

The Result: "A couple of years ago I realized that my skin was getting duller and drier," says Lisa Regal, 40. After using this product for just two days, she started to notice the lines around her eyes softening and the overall texture of her dry skin improving. "I will totally continue to use this product," she says. "It's simple, it has a nice texture, and best of all, it actually worked. I hope it brings even more improvement over time."

The Bottom Line: Though results took longer than 15 minutes to appear, stubborn lines began to melt away in just two days.