Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Ethan Hawke
Star Magazine, August 20, 2007

Dr. Copeland considers Ethan Hawke's fresh face.

Lines add character, right? Well, Ethan Hawke, 36, doesn't seem to think so. And who can blame him? The Reality Bites star won over fans (and superhot ex-wife Uma Thurman) with his boyish good looks, but after divorcing Thurman in 2005, Hawke began to look a bit haggard. So how did he recapture his fresh-faced look? Star asked N.Y.-based plastic surgeons Michelle Copeland, M.D., and Jennifer Levine, M.D., for their expert opinions on what he may have done. "He does look amazingly fresh," says Dr. Copeland, noting that "more men than ever are having all sorts of plastic surgery...The eyes are one of the most common surgical procedure [areas]." Dr. Copeland thinks Hawke may have had eyelid surgery, including a brow lift to open up his eyes. Whatever Hawke's secret, Dr. Copeland gives his current look the thumbs-up!