Make Any Beauty Treatment Last
Fitness Magazine, February 1, 2007

How can you stretch your facial's effects?

by Nicole Catanese

"The day after a facial, your skin is plump and dewy because it's superhydrated," explains Michelle Copeland, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City and creator of the Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care line. To maintain that glow all week, use your fingertips to lightly massage your skin while cleansing. "This increases blood flow at the skin's surface," says Dr. Copeland. Maintain smooth skin with a weekly gentle exfoliating treatment like Pond's Purely Polished Micro-Dermabrasion Anti-Aging Kit, $13.99, drugstores. Keep your skin moisturized with a nightly repairing serum that contains vitamin C or hyaluronic acid (this molecule holds 100 times its weight in water), such as emerginC Topical Vitamin C Serum, $70,