Ankle Lipo Steps Up as Trend
The New York Post, June 12, 2006

Longing for shapely ankles and calves? Liposuction can help.

by Danica Lo

Cankles, thankles, tree-trunks, table legs—all euphemisms for that clunky pair of genetic treasures that resides between calf and foot. Victims of hereditary circumstance are virtual prisoners during the summer season—confined behind long skirts and trousers, oftentimes frightened by the prospect of many of the shoes featured here. But more women are turning to a solution for their cankle woes: ankle liposuction. 

"So many women don't want to wear sandals or short skirts because of the thickness of their ankles," says Upper East Side plastic surgeon Michelle Copeland. "Some people have a maldistribution of fat—mostly a genetic issue. And diet isn't going to help that, no matter how much they exercise." Unlike treating other parts of the body, lipo on the ankles doesn't require removing enormous quantities of fat. "We do sculpturing—because people want a more sculptured-looking ankle and calf," Copeland says.

Ankle liposuction, which ranges in price from $4,000 to $8,000—depending on how extensive the required work is on both ankle and calf—does have some risks, particularly because the ankle has so much muscle and bone. But Copeland says the procedure is safe and usually has a quick recovery time.

"As long as you can keep your legs elevated, you can go back to work right away," Copeland says. She estimates that she performs at least several dozen ankle lipos each year.