Growing Older/Staying Well
Town & Country, July 14, 2001
Town & Country talks to Dr. Copeland about the latest developments in cosmetic surgery.
Advances in cosmetic surgery have been good to women over 50. One of their favorite procedures, the facelift, is now refined to the point at which "it takes less surgery, less money and less downtime," says Dr. Michelle Copeland, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. "A facelift is not just lifting up the skin anymore," she adds. "It's also recontouring the tissues underneath, focusing on the neck in older women, to actually sculpt the face to look younger. And if you do it sooner, you may in fact need less additional surgery later." Nearly twice as many women seek facial surgery now compared with ten years ago, according to Dr. Copeland.