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Men's Travel Kit
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  • Men's Travel Kit
  • Men's Travel Kit

All the basics—in an extremely convenient size. PLEASE INDICATE MEN'S OR WOMEN'S AT CHECKOUT IN NOTES.

Developed by renowned New York Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, this four piece, Jet Set Kit contains:

  • Daily Cleanser
  • Men's Aftershave
  • AHA Face Cream
  • Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30
  • Sample packettes of selected Dr. Copeland Skin Care products. (6 minimum)

Our Basic Regimen helps you get your skin looking its best. First, cleanse your skin with our Daily Cleanser, then follow with the Daily Toner for balancing. The AHA Face Cream is ideal for a light exfoliation. Follow with the Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30.


I absolutely love your products! I do an extensive amount of traveling and really appreciate the Jet Set collection, as it travels (and packs) well.
- Michelle M 

I recently ordered some of your Jet Set products, and I must say I will definitely be purchasing the large sizes. I love this skin-care line... I noticed such a difference in my skin after only one week of usage... This is absolutely hands down the best skin-care line I have ever used, and believe me I have tried so many over the years... My skin looks flawless and feels wonderful to the touch... I especially love your AHA cream, it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such a wonderful line of skin care. I can't wait to try the rewind eye cream, which I have heard so many wonderful things about... 

Thanks again, and also thanks for making smaller sizes for those of us who want to try it....
- Janita F