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Revitalizing Formula with Vitamins C & E
"It's really done the trick for restoring a glow to my skin without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin..."
- Stephanie B, New York City

Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Formula
"I have lots of sunspots on my lower neck area. I have been using this constantly since I got it. I am happy to report that they are fading away!..."
- Judyr, Las Vegas

Rewind Age-Defying Cream
"Absolutely Fabulous. Your new anti-aging cream is fabulous. I started using it a few weeks ago on my face, hands, and chest and it is truly remarkable..."
- 57-year-old movie producer

Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30
"Silky smooth. I love this moisturizer. It makes my skin so smooth without smelling it up with fragrance. It's the best I have ever used..."
- Sarah

Rewind Reparative Night Serum
"I love the night serum. Everyone is telling me how good I look. It's fantastic!"
- Lynne, New York City

SPF-40 Lotion Mist Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
"WOW!! Is all I can say, this is unlike any other sunscreen. I love that it is dispensed through a spray..."
- Cakedoo, New Hampshire


Sun Damage: Protect & Repair

Sun damage is especially detrimental to the skin since it leads to so many other undesirable conditions, including fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and other signs of premature aging. Sun damage can also lead to many more serious conditions beyond aesthetics.

The good news is that it is not too late to treat and protect sun-damaged skin! Dr. Michelle Copeland, renowned New York plastic surgeon, developed the following products to protect against future sun damage, revitalize and repair sun-damaged skin, and achieve a healthy glow without the harmful effects of rays:

Revitalizing Formula with Vitamins C & E

Recommended for: Fine lines, wrinkles, spots, discolorations, and firmer, smoother skin.

Size:   2 oz
Price:     $121.00
Special Offer: $90.75

Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Formula

Recommended for: Brown spots, age spots, sun spots and other skin discolorations.

Size:   2 oz
Price:     $85.00
Special Offer: $63.75

Rewind Age-Defying Cream

Recommended for: Fine lines, wrinkles and softer, firmer and smoother skin on the face, neck and body.

Size:   3.5 oz
Price:     $249.00
Special Offer: $186.75

Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30

Recommended for: All skin types to optimize the skinís natural moisture by promoting water absorption while adding sun protection.

Size:   4 oz
Price:     $49.00

Rewind Reparative Night Serum

Recommended for: Fine lines, wrinkles and skin discolorations and other visible signs of aging due to ultraviolet exposure.

Size:   .5 oz
Price:     $140.00
Special Offer: $105.00

SPF-40 Lotion Mist Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Recommended for: SPF-40 sun protection to block UVA/UVB rays in easy-to-apply spray mist.

Size:   4 oz
Price:     $36.00
Special Offer: $27.00

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