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Bath/Shower Gelee

The perfect bath/shower gel—A wonderfully refreshing and invigorating cleansing experience with green tea extract. Perfect for sensitive skin.
Size: 7 oz
Price: $37.00
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Developed by renowned New York Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, this refreshing bath/shower gelee invigorates while cleansing with a dash of aromatherapy. Using green tea extract—a powerful antioxidant to replenish the skin—it also gently exfoliates and stimulates new cell growth. Non-drying and enriched with soothing aloe!

A wonderfully refreshing and invigorating cleansing experience. Cleansing action sloughs off dead cells, leaving the skin clean, healthy, and invigorated. Relaxes you and reduces stress while replenishing your skin with soy. The light fragrance provides a dash of aromatherapy to your bath or shower.

"We've talked about cleaning the skin on the face. When we clean the skin on the body we use this Bath/Shower Gelee. It is non-drying, exfoliates, and contains green tea, a wonderful antioxidant. It also contains aloe, which has soothing properties. I use this product every day.

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