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AHA Body Smoothing Lotion

Smooth and polish dry, rough and calloused skin. Great for elbows, knees, feet & stretch marks too!
Size: 4 oz
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Developed by renowned New York Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, this wonderful smoothing and polishing cream helps soften and relieve the visible signs of rough dry skin without flaking. Great for feet (at-home pedicure), elbows/knee and stretch marks.

Contains 16% AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). Helps relieve the visible signs of rough, dry, calloused skin. Recommended for use on body and feet; for face, use AHA Smoothing Cream.

"The skin isn't the same all over. The skin on the face is much more delicate than the skin on the body, so we can use an exfoliator that's slightly stronger. My AHA Body Smoothing Lotion has increased strength glycolic acid, and it also includes Vitamin E and lipoic acid, which give the skin the nutrients it needs.

O, The Oprah Magazine asks Dr. Copeland about how to get the most from at-home peels.

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