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What condition is your skin in? And what conditions do you have?

If you are concerned about a particular condition, select it below. You'll learn a little about that condition, and you'll also see Dr. Copeland's recommendations for addressing that condition.

If you're not sure about your condition, or if you have multiple concerns, then try Dr. Copeland's Skin Self-Evaluation. The results of this quick self-test will help you obtain information and products that match your needs.


Brown, Age and Sun Spots

Crow's Feet

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Winter Skin Guide

Dry/Brittle Hair


Fine Lines





Rough, Scaly Skin

Sensitive Skin

Stretch Marks

Thinning Hair

Sun-Damaged Skin


Daily Cleanser
4 oz $ 35.00
Clay Mask
2.5 oz $ 47.00
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