I watched her on Shop NBC for months and finally caved in and tried her kit. I have to say it is absolutely wonderful! The best skin care I have ever used, and I have tried many, many, many lines. For me I saw instant results. The cleanser is fabulous and does not leave a trace of makeup on your face. When you use the toner after the cleanser, there is no trace of makeup on the cotton ball. The change in the texture and tone of my skin was instant, and after only three days I could actually see a glow to my skin. As a matter of fact, someone commented to me after only three days that they thought my skin always looked nice, but what was I doing differently because my skin was absolutely glowing! After years of searching for "the perfect" skin-care line I can say that my search is over and I cannot imagine using anything else. Her product is pricey, but she has been putting the kits on at great savings and I am hoping she will continue with that. Also you only need a very small amount to cover your entire face. The other thing that just blows me away is that my skin stays "moist" and "plump" all day. When I go to wash my face at night my skin looks and feels just as it did when I first applied the products in the morning. When I purchased the kit I figured it would be another kit that went back before my 30 day trial was up as so many of them have, but not this line. Also I am 51 and only have some fine lines but the rewind products I swear make them almost invisible. I could go on and on but I love this line.
- 51-year-old

I would like to tell all women who care about their appearance how wonderful Dr. Copeland's Skin Care products are! I am a patient of Dr. Copeland's who has been using her products for almost two years. I love the entire skin-care line, especially the reparative formula (Rewind Eye Formula). It has made quite a difference in the area around my eyes. I have tried many skin-care products, but this is the best!
- JC, clinical practice administrator

The reparative formula (Rewind Eye Formula) is wonderful. It has made such a big difference around my eyes. I just love it.
- 38-year-old mother and dental hygienist

The Rewind Eye Formula is terrific. I noticed my wrinkles disappearing almost immediately, and it just keeps on getting better and better as I continue to use it.
- Susan, business executive

I love your rewind night and eye serums. I can't tell you how much I love these products. The rewind night serum is amazing... I look like I haven't aged in the few years since I started using them. And thanks for not putting in silicones!
- Pamela