Medical Tourism: Inside South Korea’s Plastic Surgery Boom

With more people flocking to destinations like South Korea for plastic surgery, it’s good to point out downside to destination medicine. No matter where you consider having elective surgery, your doctor should have the proper certification and experience necessary to perform a given procedure. Since technology is constantly changing, such official certification helps to ensure that doctors keep up with the latest skills, and that they’ll make the most of what they’re learning. You should expect your doctor to be more than just aware of, but positively fluent in, such recent and dramatic advances as computer imaging, twilight sleep, and small- incision techniques, and liposuction.

How do you know whether the doctor you’re considering has years of experience or, instead, got their cosmetic surgery training in a week-long crash course? To keep from making an unwise choice, you should consider the following:

  1. Your doctor should be board-certified. The most prestigious certification comes from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the official national examining board for professional plastic surgeons, whose members are qualified to perform reconstructive and plastic surgery, as well as aesthetic or cosmetic surgery.
  2. The anesthesiologist: any surgical procedure will require an anesthesiologist (an anesthesiologist is an M.D., whereas an anesthetist is not). Make sure that he or she is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA).
  3. Your safety comes first, so before contemplating traveling out of the country for plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon has the professional qualifications.

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Dr. Copelands Medical Training and Certifications


The Wall Street Wrinkle

This week’s Fortune magazine reports on the popularity of Botox among Wall Street execs for Botox, making it not just for the Upper East Side women anymore.

A term called the Wall Street Wrinkle is one that has been popping up in plastic surgery offices all over New York City. The men of Wall Street have not completely embraced the maximum effects of Botox, however – they leave a little wrinkle behind as a badge for all the hard work they have accomplished. They want just enough removed to have a fresh look.

Why are more men seeking Botox? The effects of the recession may be adding to  “fear of job loss, diminished prestige and shrinking income” have influenced men to pay closer attention to image and age.

And to eliminate that cold clammy hand  Botox injection in the hands help the men of Wall Street remain cool in stressful situations by reducing sweat. Severe underarm sweating can also  be reduced with Botox. This treatment, approved by the FDA in 2004, has helped people who suffer from excessive sweating for years. Find Dr. Michelle Copeland here to set up an appointment and check out on how to prepare for your appointment.

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Rewind the Curse of Tired Eyes

Are you doing too much? Too many things to handle? Appointments and meetings have you going crazy? Doesn’t it always seems like everything  going on around you has precedence over taking care of yourself first? Your skin can tell.

We know that taking care of yourself is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Schedule time for you and start by using our Rewind Eye Formula helps erase the stresses of daily life.

Wake up feeling great and looking even better. Our perfectly blended ingredients leave your face feeling refreshed and youthful. It contains Argireline and Biopeptide (pentapeptide) for maximal wrinkle reduction and firming. It also helps erases fine lines and wrinkles and even plumps up your cheeks all while you sleep. I suggest applying this formula both day and night. Results are immediate.

If you don’t believe me, or you just have to try for yourself, I am offering a 30% discount all this week on the Rewind Eye Formula. It helps reduce puffiness and dark circles from the eyes. I know how hectic life is, and I would love to help you erase the fine lines with this special formula.

Give it a try, at the very least to see why so many other woman are raving about it. Link to testimonial


“Unretouched” celebrity photos and cosmetic surgery

These “unretouched” photos of Cindy Crawford, compared to the very dramatically altered features of Renee Zellweger and Uma Thurman, show how we should strive to look happy and well rested, rather than trying to look decades younger than we really are.  Cosmetic improvements should help you subtly change your looks in ways that will make you happier with your appearance and give you more confidence in both personal and professional settings. The goals is not to have people ask “who are you?” but to say that you look well rested and better than ever. More information on the art of cosmetic procedures may be found in Change Your Looks, Change Your Life.featureimagecindycrawford

Study Shows Liposuction Is a Safe Alternative for Fatty Tumor Removal


We  report on a new way to remove lipomas – fatty tumors –  Using a small incision Dr Copeland describes a new way to remove large fatty tumors using a combination of liposuction and  direct excision.  This new  technique always for a faster recovery and smaller scar..

For those people who have these fatty masses or tumors that can limit function  and appear unsightly this offers a newer and safer way to get these removed. .



Breast Surgery Questions : Discuss, Inform & Answer: The inside scoop on size and technique


In an interview this week with Dr. Michelle Copeland questions are answered for anyone considering breast surgery. How would you like to be perceived, bold or natural? Do you want your breasts to be the first thing someone notices when they meet you, or would you like a more natural look? Dr. Copeland’s advice:  buy a bra of your desired size and fill it accordingly, put on your clothes and see what you think.


Take a look in the mirror, would you prefer a lift or volume? Woman with saggy breasts may opt for a breast lift, while those with smaller breasts tend to want an increase in breast volume. But, don’t be fooled, aside from aesthetics, lifestyle plays a role too. An athletically involved woman may want to consider how the size of her new breasts will affect her workout. Proportion. Proportion. Proportion. Shoulder width, waistline and other factors are included in the decision making process.


You may have an idea by now what you would like your breasts to look like, but which implant is right for you? You could use silicone or saline. Saline uses a salt water filled implant and was considered safer at one time. Now, both are ranked equally in safeness to the patient. But, maybe you would like to try something a little more natural. In recent years, using the body’s own fat storage as filler has gained popularity.  This method is called fat grafting.


We’re not surprised this is a popular method. Who wouldn’t want to lose fat from other parts of the body while achieving their desired breast size at the same time? We know we would! Would you? Inserting your own fat into the breast can be done all at one time or in intervals until desired fullness is attained. And remember, desired fullness is what you think “desired fullness is”. While most of us do like to please our significant other, ultimately, it’s your body and your body only.


It’s important to consider all aspects of breast surgery before you dive in. That’s why it’s recommended you make an appointment with the Doctor and see what options are right for you. Final advice: if you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, do something about it, because breasts matter.


To listen to the interview:

Check out before & after photos:


Are daily showers bad for your skin?



Recent studies show that frequent showers may damage skin. By “overbathing,” we are “drying out our skin and washing away the good bacteria that live there. Small cracks will begin to open in the skin leading to an increase chance of infection.”


There are other ways to minimize the risks without giving up the pleasure of a daily shower. Using the right  cleansers instead of harsh soaps can help preserve essential oils, and promote healthy skin.  For the body, use  Bath & Shower Gelee with green tea extract—a powerful antioxidant to gently exfoliate skin and stimulates new cell growth, plus has aloe to soothe skin.  For your face, Daily  Cleanser with Aloe and Lavender leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother, healthier and younger without harsh foaming agents.

After bathing, keep  skin soft by applying  AHA Body Smoothing Lotion which helps smoothe over cracked skin that may result from overdrying,

Finally, avoid using scrubbing sponges or brushes, which can crack skin and provide an opportunity for infection. Remember, your fingertips are ideal for this job.




Blepharoplasty for droopy eyelids

Here is good news from a patient who sought correction of droopy eyelids:


Happy patient 9 days after upper blepharoplasty and correction of left upper eyelid droop (ptosis.) “Overall result looks very good. The procedures you did along with avoiding contact lenses have made a huge difference to my quality of life.  I no longer have any irritation in my eyes or tired/heavy feeling of my eyelid. They have not felt (or looked) this good for years. So many many thanks for this!”

See before and after pictures.


Stress-free skin for the holidays



We know that the holidays can be very stressful. The shopping, cooking and in-laws can do a number on our nerves and also impact our skin. Stress in our lives is unavoidable but there are steps to take that protect our skin from its harmful effects. Here’s a good  regimen to follow during the holiday season: Cleanse, tone and exfoliate 1-2 times per day with Daily CleanserDaily Toner, and  AHA Face Cream.  Follow this with a burst of Vitamin C, E and A  in the  Revitalizing Formula and, of course protect with  Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30.

Caring for eyes and lips is also crucial to looking your best during the holidays. Sleep deprivation and stress can lead to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. There are many fine topical products with ingredients like argireline and biopeptide that help reduce wrinkles and promote firming of these sensitive areas. My three holiday season must-haves contain these ingredients and are formulated to show improvement immediately, with long-lasting results when used on a regular and frequent basis: REWIND Eye FormulaAgeless Skin Undereye Concealer, and Lip Enhancer. This basic regimen and additional care items will get your skin through the holidays and give you a complexion that has your friends asking for your skin care secrets.